“Poetry is like art”

My dad, who raised me with Frost and Poe, tells me this and as a poet and painter himself, it rings true. Sometimes poetry should be taken in as a whole, appreciated with a glance like a complex painting yet sometimes picked apart like BBQ ribs (well, he didn’t use that analogy).

I am a student, teacher, and writer dedicated to noticing the things in life worth writing about. When I turned 25 and moved from the Golden State of California to the green and endless sloping hills of England, I decided too much good stuff had happened in my life that I hadn’t written down. So here are the jewels from the poems on the backs of receipts and stray papers in book jackets, and even my dedicated proper poetry journal.

This blog started when I was travelling in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon when, as chance would have it, I met a poet who challenged me to write a poem which, of course, I did (check it out here). When I returned home I found out he had published it online, thanking me and referring to me as “the American Poet.” The blog was born.

I post one poem per week here at augustreads.wordpress.com for you. So please follow me and check it out with a glance like a good oiled canvas orĀ in depth like sticky ribs.

Comments and questions are welcome and I look forward to featuring your poetry here as well!

As Saint Augustine of Hippo said, “Take up and read! Take up and read!”

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