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Poetry sucks! …if you don’t give it time

6 Jun

It’s just too hard to understand… Sigh.

The score is two in favor of poetry and naught… not for poetry. It is time to pose the against argument. This is easy when it comes to teens (and many adults too). I am sure if I took a poll in the street, the majority would say poetry sucks. I know this. I admit that I am a minority and I am okay with this.

Why? Oh why, do you suck, thou poems?

Robert Fitzgerald said, “Poetry is at least an elegance and at most a revelation.” This suggests that to really understand poetry you need to have an appreciation of the elegance of writing. Do you take the time to admire things? I mean really to look at stuff in the world – the nearest tree, the glistening paths snails made during the night, the dragons in the clouds? Do you look for these things?

Poetry isn’t like going to the cinema for a chick flick. Without training the mind to admire, to look at the world with a sense of awe and appreciation, then you do not have an eye for poetry. It does not come naturally. In our culture of the constant and bombarding visual onslaught of information, dazzling lights, advertisements, flashy flash, we are accustomed to glancing – not looking, not seeing, not understanding on the deeper level. We don’t process what we see. This is simply too hard to do.

I am guilty.

I heart youtube and films and since I don’t get TV channels on my television (I know, it’s weird but it adds to my point) when I do enter a room and there is a TV on, I am mesmerized. No joke. I am like a moth to the light. I understand the poetry glaze because I understand that we have evolved to become lazy eyed in a figurative sense. We let information attack us and we do not engage.

Recently I watched a series on the Amish. One young Amish woman visited a shopping mall and she said that it made her feel ill because every store, every sign, every kiosk was aimed at throwing persuasive allure at her. She was overcome with the information and we are in the age where every business is savvy to lure you in. We don’t stop and think, we are coaxed in by the pretty and the cheap.

That is what much of the costly is: cheap. That is how businesses, top selling tat make moo-lah.

Poetry, on the other hand, is the finery, thought over, reflected upon art of the written word. It takes time and brain power to understand and appreciate. It is a hard thing to do.

For this reason, poetry sucks because it is hard for us to understand it unless we choose to use our minds to see.

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So the score this week is one for poetry sucks!

 The score

 Poetry sucks: 1

 Poetry doesn’t suck: 2