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The Irish

17 Mar

This time last year we went to Dublin for a gorgeous weekend full of colour, adventure and Guinness.¬†The people were friendly and spirited about their history¬†of struggle, the landscape a mix of urban and romantic, the beer delicious (I don’t even like beer).

Of course, you will be familiar with the leprechaun and rainbow icons of Ireland so our journey there was only made complete when we actually did see a rainbow! We walked along the River Liffey flowing through the heart of Dublin and it was so perfectly still (below). And as we watched a team of rowers came through shaking up the picture-perfect river and it never re-settled while we were there. Beautiful in a different way!

I would recommend a weekend here but take some extra euros because it is pricey! If you have handled Irish currency you will also note the reference to the harp, the symbol for Ireland.

The Irish

In Ireland, I saw a rainbow over Lower Abbey Street.

It was white and green and orange and yellow

And blue and red. There was the peaceful white band waving

In the wind: the symbol of a people united by their heritage.


Green filled shop windows with trinkets and keepsakes

And lucky charms; bright eyed children with freckled

Shining faces held the hands of happy moms as their

Orange tresses flapped about their plump faces.


Yellow and blue double decker buses lined roads parallel

To the still mirror of the River Liffey though disrupted

By rowers and shook with ripples of glittering fragments

Of houses and bridge underbellies for three days.


I heard strangers speak heart on sleeve of their survival,

Pride and humility of uprisings and defeats. Even as I walked

The jail cell rows of Kilmainham Gaol once stained in red

Is now the make-up of their fight for identity.


The sky is an accolade of rain and shine to my unblinking eyes.

And as I walk hand in hand down cobbled streets with my English love,

I am certain I can hear the sound of harp strings echoing

From somewhere over that rainbow.