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Fire Over Foreign Water

7 May

My wonderful husband took me to see my absolute favourite Shakespeare play (EVER) a few weeks ago which is… (drum roll please and thank you):

The Tempest

SPOILER ALERT (Follow my blog to read the next work of poetry if you don’t want to know the ending!)

If you have not seen this play performed, watched the major motion picture released last year, or were forced to read the play by an inspiring high school teacher, I am sorry. This is a great comedy and one the last plays ever written (possible THE last, one may never know) by Shakespeare. Not only is there comedy, there is romance, magic, loss, the struggle for power, even murderous plots! The best part, though, and by far why I dearly love this play, is in the ending which defies the normal revenge and need for justice: forgiveness (sigh).

As one of those aforementioned inspiring teachers myself, I have taught the play four times and each time I build up to the confrontation scene where Prospero, our protagonist, rounds up his evil brother, Antonio; the unwitting king, Alonso; the king’s gullible brother, Sebastian; and Prospero’s old friend and lifeline, Gonzalo. I ask my students what they think Prospero will do since we know he has not appeared so innocent and merciful in the preceding acts. Usually they all say surely he will banish them, leave them behind, perhaps kill them. Occasionally I get one or two who suggest the actual response. I love the unexpected kindness and mercy Prospero shows them though they do not deserve it. Such a great ending!

Fire Over Foreign Water

Here is the poem, an example of concrete poetry which forms a picture:

The text version:

An orchestrated shipwreck,

fire over foreign water,

flamed amazement;

brought sorrow and greed to a magical isle.


A crowned king, displaced by thrown swells

to the island inhabited, enchanted

and apart from kind kin, deaf to the past evils,

with wisdom from only an aged advisor

the rest of the entourage, alas, a loss.


Budding romance at first sight on another shore,

a young prince and a duchess, who saw only things

divine and brought together two families of royal blood.

First to a father’s test who watches with many eyes

over the isle: the water, the shores.


And frozen moments reveal the masked deceivers

parading round, of their fears, and steadfast hunger.

Sword drawn, a plea of roaring lions bellowing out,

fools the few. They wonder while the islander hides

from the storm and worships ambitious fools

inebriated and swaddled in charmed robes.


The king, desperate now affright with a raven’s warning;

the advisor jaded; the lovers enthralled by Ceres, Iris and Juno.

Plot foiled for the creature ever lurking is shamed

while all are taken to Prospero by the Lord’s lion and servant spirit.


Our magician ruler who – twelve years asunder –

instead of righteous revenge pardons them,

lavishing forgiveness: true justice for every last one.


Let us all set free and pardon.


Featured blog: Daniel Spaite

3 Mar

The FIRST featured poem of the August Reads blog is a real blessing by budding poet, Daniel Spaite from Visalia, California, a student at Point Loma Nazarene University. A brilliant example that one might liken to e.e. cummings’ use of case to accentuate and emphasize meaning, I can’t help but read it out in a rap-esque rhythm! I found this poem startlingly powerful and I hope it makes you think too.

Please comment below and check out Daniel’s other poetry on his facebook page by clicking above.

Christ Alone

The idiocy of hypocrisy has long been hurting the church we see,
Because the fact is, people want consistency.
Are christians hot or cold? Are we in, are we out?
I mean Katy Perry was christian till she realized money is what it’s really all about.
And Usher confessed that by God he is blessed,
But confessions part 2 showed his love life’s a mess,
Maybe we shouldn’t look at pop stars I guess,
So who is next?
Our christian politicians never lie right?
And they definitely would never cheat on their wives.
Sorry Bill and Arnie, but I’m sure you had some good nights.
So who do we watch when these folks fail?
It doesn’t help that most of our priests are in Jail,
And when things get rough lots of pastors just bail,
Maybe they’ll send a postcard in the mail…
And it’s true, the church is where the worst of them go:
The greedy, the cocky, the sleazy, the hoes,
And everybody knows,
But they put on quite the show!
And me?
I’m the worst of them all,
I call them all out and do nothing but fall,
My ego’s so big yet my opinions so small,
I mean unless I find my worth in dodge ball.
And I sit in judgement every chance I get.
I know the Bible because I read it,
And I’ll tell you you’re wrong if you mess up one bit,
Plus, If I know I’m right I won’t give a shit…

But I’m wrong, oh so wrong!
How I wish those attitudes would get the clue and be gone,
And that Katy Perry would sing Godly songs,
That old Bill Clinton was faithful and strong.
That our priests would stay Holy,
Our pastors stay put,
And not let some money move them afoot.

But we also must see that through the ages, consistency,
Is the only thing true in hypocrisy,
Because the one without sin should cast the first stone,
But the One without sin is Christ alone.
He was and is the only Way,
Not getting paid,
Not getting laid.
Not “winning” at life,
Or having a million friends,
But realizing that our Glory is only in Him!
Because hypocrites are not idiots,
We all have fallen short and we both know it.
You’re a hypocrite and so am I,
And chances are that will be true till the day that we die,
And the churches will never see the plank in their eye,
But the Church, Big “C”, will always be the Body of Christ,
The Beautiful Bride, attempting to save one life at a time.

So give the Church a chance,
Just be warned in advance,
christians will fail, we have since the fall of man,
Just like Adam and Eve, we will eat the fruit from that tree,
But we are not saying “Come follow me”,
Rather Jesus Christ, the One who dies in John 3:16,
He longs for our hearts, the lost AND the saved!
Only He can facilitate the hypocrites’ change.