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Good Morning Vietnam

28 Feb

How many sunrises have you groggily left the warmth and comfort of your bed to watch?

I almost missed the most gorgeous sunrise I have ever, ever seen in when we were in Northern Vietnam this Christmas season. We were hiking in Sapa overlooking the Fansipan Mountain (largest mountain in Vietnam) and it was cold – really cold. I was dragged – against my will – to see how glorious the simple ceremonies of the day can be. I hope you watch one soon.

I’ve included a picture but you know it never really captures the magnitude of the sun. I hope my poem fills in at least some small fraction of the thousands of word this picture offers.

Good Morning Vietnam

Good morning Vietnam will never be the same again. Today –

The sun’s gaze beacons light across the valley onto the pale blanket

Of cotton clouds below that under its parental stare awake

Slowly. Like I did but a moment ago, they lazily reach one limb

And another languidly up the valley floor climbing from their bed

Of simply, untouched stillness into the welcome dawn of hello.


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